Minerco has laid all the groundwork, from getting the intellectual property, securing its Jamaican facility, and securing the necessary equipment to become a leader in the production of psilocybin.

The Forefront of Microdosing

Minerco owns an automatic capsule-filling machine and the required equipment to manufacture microdosing tablets for psilocybin. This machine puts the Company at the forefront of producing microdose tablets that contain psilocybin. The machine will be housed and operated out of the Company’s ISO 9001 approved Jamaica facility.

Mincerco also fully owns an automatic capping machine, an automatic labeling machine, a semi-automatic capsule counting machine, and an ultra-fine automatic powder grinder machine. These machines and equipment will set Minerco apart in the market by being the first public psychedelics company to produce microdose psilocybin capsules.

The machine has a capacity of outputting one million tablets per day. The tablets are one-tenth of a gram dose (0.10g), which represents half of the recommended dose for a microdose. To put this into perspective, a low dose is around one gram (1.0g) of psilocybin while a “macro” dose is around five grams (5.0g), so you can see how a micro dose of just one-tenth of a gram (0.10g) would be enough for users to experience the benefits of psilocybin without the “trip”. Tablets will be available in 30-count bottles.

Diversification in Product Output to Serve All Areas

This machine and its equipment may also be utilized to create capsules for non-psychedelic mushrooms such as Lion Mane and Chaga to serve areas that have not been decriminalized while also deploying a national marketing campaign to spread the benefits of psilocybin.

Integration into the Cannabis Space

This product can also be deployed in the production of microdose CBD or THC tablets, significantly opening up Minerco’s capabilities in both the psychedelics and cannabis spaces.