About Us

Minerco, Inc

Minerco, Inc. (OTC:MINE) is a vertically-integrated publicly-traded company focusing in cultivating, producing, researching, and distributing psilocybin mushrooms while employing advanced marketing strategies to gain international reach. Minerco is also the first company to introduce cryptocurrency in order to facilitate sales of psilocybin and cannabis.

Vertical Integration

Our vertical-integration strategically sets us apart in the market because we cultivate our own psilocybin mushrooms and process the fungi-medicine in our in-house facilities for accurate and convenient microdosing.

We utilize our products in research studies with academic partners while working to build awareness about psilocybin through an advanced global marketing strategy that will give our company a global foothold.

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On the Forefront of Finance Technology

Minerco is responsible for bringing the first Bitcoin-backed psychedelic cryptocurrency to blockchain technology.

SHRU is a tether coin and portal that serves as a payment gateway for both cannabis and psilocybin products, which relieves some of the obstacles that sellers of these products face because of their federal Schedule 1 classification.

SHRU coins can be purchased using major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard at www.shrucoin.com.

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Development in Decriminalized Areas

The decriminalization of psychedelics is taking hold in pockets across the United States including in Oakland and Santa Cruz in California, Ann Arbor in Michigan, and now in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C.

It is the Company’s intention to focus on developing business in these key cities across the U.S. by eventually opening storefronts where people can access safe, reliable psilocybin products.

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Deep Roots in Jamaica

The Company’s ISO 9001 approved facility is located in Jamaica, where it is completely legal to source, manufacture, and sell psilocybin in the country.

The country also has deep historical roots in psilocybin use, which is why the company has brought on Jamaican-American musician Sean Kingston as a Minerco Inc. Ambassador.

I have been building a relationship with Minerco for a while as  am 100% behind in their mission as a company. In Jamaica, we have been using cannabis and psilocybin for medicinal purposes for years now and have seen the positive effects that it can have on people who suffer from physical and emotional challenges. I am ready to help in any way possible. These are exciting times.

– Sean Kingston, International Gold Record Selling Recording Artist

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