Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

In March 2021, Minerco, Inc. launched the SHRU coin, an innovative game-changer affecting both the psilocybin and cannabis markets, and the first of its kind in the blockchain space.

A First-of-Its-Kind Payment Gateway

SHRU serves as a payment gateway for both cannabis and psilocybin products. SHRU coins can be purchased using major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. SHRU is a tether coin that is backed by Bitcoin.

Those interested in purchasing SHRU coin can purchase the token at www.shrucoin.com or go through the application SHRUCOIN PAY, where credit cards are an option for payment. SHRUCOIN PAY will contain APIs to interface with outside payment apps such as PayPal and CashApp for purchases related to psilocybin. Having SHRU coin available allows consumers to purchase their products with discretion while ensuring producers and retailers have an effective and safe way to undergo financial transactions.

Be Prepared to See SHRU Crop Up Near You

The Company has hired a nationally-renowned marketing and public relations company to create and execute a national campaign promoting SHRU. The Company is also in talks with major dispensaries to integrate shrucoin.com into their point-of-sale operations.